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We are the keen green clean of Gainesville! Proudly serving Gainesville and the surrounding area for the best of 20 years. Whether an apartment or a commercial building, we will transform your space!

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Cleaning Services Gainesville FL

Welcome to Gainesville cleaners! Where clean and eager professional cleaners are waiting to make your space flawless! Busy schedules got you frazzled as to when you’ll find the time to get those floors mopped and windows washed? No worries!

Cleaning Services Gainesville FL has got you covered! From a small space in daily apartment living to the floors of a big crowd at weekend church, we can transform your space into the perfect sanctuary!

#1 Gainesville Cleaners

About Us

Cleaning Services Gainesville FL promises to put YOU as our priority! We are eager to see your space gleam again! We are excited to leave a lasting impression on your thoughts of acquiring housekeepers as you invite all your family and friends home again! We do everything from apartment cleaning to commercial cleaning and everything in between. You will be tickled pink that you finally found the #1 cleaners Gainesville FL!

As a licensed and bonded company, you can trust us with all your cleaning needs. Our maids and butlers have undergone a rigorous training program, as well as a thorough background check to ensure they pass any white-glove inspection, as they are trained and qualified in all techniques in the cleaning world and will leave you in awe at the superior services they will give you!

We travel to many cities and surrounding suburbs of Gainesville and are excited to include you in the generations of community members who have entrusted us with the care of their most important investment, their home! We are sure to find you a cleaning services near me, so don’t waste another minute! We are waiting to serve you! Call TODAY to see what Gainesville cleaning services can do for you!

Why Choose Us?

Not all cleaning companies Gainesville FL are created equal! We go above and beyond the norm and not only clean your home or place of business to perfection but will safeguard your trust in us by our sincere and ethical business practices. Our friendly personal team of experts are trained in the up to date cleaning techniques and will be sure to make you feel comfortable with this new experience.

Being licensed and bonded is our promise to protect your belongings and our promise that you will be satisfied with each and every finished project that comes your way. We will prepare a specialized plan for your exact cleaning needs so we are sure to meet all of your expectations.

It is important that you feel comfortable, so we promise:

  • Thorough answers all your questions
  • To take each job seriously
  • To provide you with a plan specific to fit your cleaning needs
  • Free quotes
  • To be prompt and courteous
  • To be respectful, friendly, and provide professional associates
  • You will feel safe and satisfied from a licensed and bonded company

Being the #1 home cleaning Gainesville FL is something we take seriously! If you are not satisfied please contact us so we can make things right! We are waiting to get you on your journey to a transformed space and a clear mind! Snag that free estimate and give us a call TODAY to get started!

What To Expect

Our hard-working cleaners will amaze you! They are naturally professional and friendly and will make you feel part of the family in no time. They are put through a meticulous background check and are required to do annual training and instruction. Our team will go above and beyond what you normally see in other cleaning Gainesville FL companies.

You’ll see what others are ranting about with our meticulous cleaning as soon as you give us a try. We clean small to big and narrow to wide spaces and go above and beyond to keep your trust in us, and in our cleaning abilities. We feel it important to listen to what each customer wants so you are happy with the results.

No other cleaners can compare to the quality you will get from Cleaning Services Gainesville FL! We want to be at the top of your list for all your home and office cleaning needs. We won’t waste your time when you call. We’ll get right to work. We will ask you a few questions, send out our head director for a walkthrough and then set up your first appointment. No need to clean the whole house before we come. We want to do that for you! Contact us today to get the ball rollin!

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We can’t wait to bring your space from shabby to sheek! No more wishing away that dust or dreaming of vacuum lines in the carpet upon your return from work. Choose one of the services below or give us a call for a more specialized plan of your own. We’ll spruce up your old space in no time! That’s what we do best!

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House Cleaning and Sanitizing

You can trust us when it comes to leaving your home spotless. We sanitize and clean your bathrooms, kitchen, and other living spaces from top to bottom. You will see, feel, and smell why we are the best cleaners Gainesville!

gainesville apartment cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

Small spaces need love too. We’ll be in and out in a jiffy and you’ll be left feeling good as new. In your newly cleaned space, you’ll be able to feel at peace knowing the germs of the past are history! We hit on the main surface areas and then get the basic day-to-day regular cleaning jobs completed.

gainesville office cleaning

Office Cleaning

Are you frustrated coming into the office with it looking less than stellar? We will create that pleasant work environment you yearn for so your time spent at the office can be a pleasant one and one that will leave a lasting impression on your clientele as well. Never worry about walking into that musty smelling office again. Our maid service will make your office smell brand new again. Call office cleaning Gainesville FL to get your office in its impressionable state once again!

gainesville commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning Gainesville FL is ranked top of the town. Let our professional cleaning services make your property the top of YOUR town! Keeping up with a large business is a huge job and deserves the right attention. We have a janitorial team who will polish up those scuffed up floors, dust those high to reach cobwebs and make those windows clean enough to see your reflection again.

gainesville housekeeping


Most people want to keep their house nice and tidy but with our busy schedules nowadays, most find it hard to keep up. Our maintenance housekeeping will come out to do weekly, and/or bi-weekly appointments to keep your house a place you’re excited to come home to. All the basic daily cleaning tasks will get done without you lifting a finger. Won’t that feel nice! Cleaning services Gainesville will make it all come to fruition!

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Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Moving can be a challenge! Whether you’re coming or going, moving and cleaning at the same time, is a pain in the neck! We can alleviate that frustrating combination by advising you to call our house cleaners near me for a free estimate. We will get all the necessary cleaning done to help you get your full deposit back and to help you feel settled in your new place.

CALL us TODAY to find a house keeper who can alleviate that challenge.

gainesville maid services

Maid Services

Are you looking for housekeeping that goes above and beyond the average cleaning? Start now by calling a maid service near me and we will get you set up with that bit of extra help needed to relieve that stress that has been building up because the dog hasn’t been walked, the windows need washing and dinner is only hours away and you have no idea what to put on the table. Home Cleaning Services Gainesville FL is hands down the best in town!

About Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville Oregon is a diverse college town full of opportunities. Home of the University of Florida, it is a growing and expanding town with a population of approx. 130,790. Housing many shops, restaurants, and entertainment, Gainesville is known for their world-class education, healthcare, culture and harbors many public parks, lakes, and hiking trails for outdoor recreation.

There is always something to do and discover in this ever-growing city of excitement and entertainment and although you may think Florida is always hot Gainesville has wide temperature fluctuations ranging from low 70’s to high 92’s so don’t forget a jacket.

Surrounding cities:

  • Cross Creek
  • Alachua
  • Melrose
  • High Springs
  • Newberry
  • Archer
  • Hawthorne
  • Waldo
  • And many other surrounding areas!

Cleaning Companies Spokane Testimonials

“So glad I called! I didn’t think I could afford someone to come clean my bathrooms, but it was way less than I thought it would be! Thank you Sarah for all your hard work! You saved me so much time! Worth every penny!"

Andrea P.

“Trevor walked me through each step I needed to know and do to start our nightly office cleaning. We’ve smell and have seen a difference. Thank you for making the process a breeze!”

Nancy H.

“I hope to never clean another bathroom again! Kayla does such a good job and I’ve made a new friend in the process. They live up to their promise of sending out friendly professional cleaners.”

Helen S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to have my apartment cleaned before I move?

Depending on the size of your apartment and the amount of cleaning that needs to be done, our normal cleaning time is between 1-4 hours

Do you charge by the hour or by the job?

We will set you up with a customized plan and will charge you according to the average time it normally takes. If there is extensive cleaning that goes above and beyond the norm there will likely be an extra charge for that but you will be notified in advance of the extra charge and can opt in or out of that specific cleaning detail.

What Is included in the office cleaning and are there morning hours available?

Basic cleaning includes: vacuuming all areas, dusting, sanitizing all major surfaces and the bathroom & kitchen, sweeping, and mopping

Can I do a one time cleaning or do I have to set up weekly cleanings?

We have options for you to choose from. Some just want a deep cleaning once a year, while others like to do weekly or bi-weekly appointments to stay on top of things, while others opt for both. We like to hear what your needs are and then work in what works best for you.

What if I don't like my cleaner?

Our top priority is your satisfaction! Please call us and we will set you up with another cleaner on your next appointment.

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Whether a small room or a big building, we show pride in every single square foot! Cleaning Services Gainesville FL would love to welcome you to the generations of Gainesville house cleaning family who have been satisfied with our services.

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